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Todos SantosBaja California Sur

About 45 minutes north of Cabo San Lucas on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula are the small town of Todos Santos and the adjacent hamlets of Pescadero and Cerritos. Settled in the 1700s, this primarily agricultural area has long been a haven for travelers, surfers, artists, and bohemians seeking tranquility away from the hustle of Cabo. A mix of locals and hippy expats who came for the surf and yoga scene, Todos Santos is a place for visit. Fiercely protective of the natural landscape that makes Todos Santos so special, the communities have managed to keep major development from permeating their corner of paradise. As a result, the streets are quiet, the beaches are pristine, the sunsets are magnificent, and the stargazing is spectacular. Looking for dry desert heat, ocean breeze, and pure relaxation? Look no further. One of favorites places to visit in the Baja Sur.
Note: Swimming is not recommended at the beach in front of the town, as the surf is extremely strong. Calmer waves and a swimmable beach are just to the south in Cerritos.
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